Introduction by Founder of the Forums page.

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Introduction by Founder of the Forums page.

Post by Eric Catte on Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:55 am

Hello, I'm the Founder and Developer of the Community page. I also am tge creator of Anonymous World Wide's FaceBook Page aswell.
I created this community page to bring us as a whole together, United as One. So that we may Share Knowledge with one another and the other's who might join this Growing Community. This Forums Page was designed for many Reasons.
- To spread The Idea of Anonymous with newcomers and the ones who support the cause.
-To share Knowledge, intel of what the media is keeping from us, to wake up the masses, And Possibly hold Events from all over.
This page is based off of the Idea of Anonymous...
To take our Freedoms back of which the Elite are trying to take from us.

Freedoms such as:
= Our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom of Thought, our Freedom of Expression, our Freedom of Knowledg, and our Freedom of Belief.

The only Intro I have is the Truth. And I hope it made a point.
Eric Catte

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